Saturday, June 2, 2007 plant? Or fruit basket of the plant kingdom?

This gorgeous leaf belongs to a plant called Monstera (monstera deliciosa), and this one lives in a lovely subdivision named Leilani Estates next to the association park...these leaves are huge! They are as large as a person and are the reason for this plants other common name, "Swiss cheese plant". Most people have seen a smaller version of this in the local mall or as a house Hawaii they get BIG!
But my favorite fact about this plant is why it receives its other common name "fruit salad plant", it actually has a fruiting body (looks like a green, shucked ear of corn) that when it ripens has such a incredible combination of flavors that no one can decide which "thing" it taste most like...some of the flavors that are mentioned are; strawberry, pineapple, orange (or any citrus), bananas and melon. So truly it is a fruit for everyone!
There are two (Ok, three) issues, the plant only grows (and fruits) in a tropical environment (man made or natural), the fruit takes a very long time to ripen on the vine (year or more), and if you get impatient and try to enjoy it before it is completely ripe the oxalic acid can irritate your mouth and throat to the point you can barely swallow let alone talk...way to learn the virtue of patience!
I just love the striking images the leaves make and it is a preffered decoration at out door parties here in Hawaii (especially combined with anthuriums & orchids!), mahalo~ See you bombai...


Anonymous said...

The plant looks very healthy and young -- not a blemish on it. No bugs taking a bite.

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Annie said...

It's one of the paradisic wonders of a tropical environment that the plants, and people, look lush and beautiful.