Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Hilo Farmers Market, Home of Mikie's Creations!

This is Mikie...she makes wicked good jams & jellies! Seriously, they are good...I have won blue ribbons at County fairs for my jellies and they are nothing compared to hers! Imagine having Tangerine marmalade on your toast, or Lilikoi jelly...maybe you would prefer starfruit or jaboticaba? She also makes other goodies (like the best Pickle relish I have ever tasted!) and she markets her wares from Hilos own Farmers Market, we try to go to the market at least once a week to pick up fresh fruit and vegies (& chilled haupia (coconut jello, its better than it sounds!) Today it was ripe lychee, so juicy & sweet, yumm... and Mikie is always there with a full supply of ono goodies...and most importantly she always has a big smile and a bigger heart!
I apologize but this photo is not the best one I have ever definitely is the problem with the photographer not the subject matter!
If you would like to order assorted goodies from Mikie contact me and I will provide her e-mail to you...they are really worth it! Much better than anything you will ever pick up at the store! Mahalo~


lv2scpbk said...

They do look good. I like buying homemade stuff.

Nathalie said...

Just looking at her and her wonderful smile, I'd trust her food to be of the best. Please pass on my congratulations to her, both for her great products (which I'd love to taste) and her good looks. She has the most gorgeous smile!

Anonymous said...

I am betting there is a lot of hard work behind that smile. I know, from my youth, that when my mother made jams and jelly that it took a lot of work. One of my favorites was tomato jelly. Oh my. It is worth a gold knife to anyone with some to share.

If you have not seen a big ant then it might be worth seeing my post this morning.
Brookville Daily Photo

Aloha said...

Mikie asked me to pass on her e-mail just in case someone wanted to make a order, etc... she can be reached at
And you are so right Abe, its a lot of hard work and she does it all...she goes thru a lot of inventory. And there is no way just one person can put up enough jelly/jam from each fruit harvest to last thru to the next while she has the usual goodies she also has a lot of seasonal favorites. Like the Jaboticaba...that one is awesome!
Nathalie~ Her beauty of spirit just shines, I am glad you could see that...

Mary Mapp said...

Mikie ships her stuff to the mainland also and when we run low on the pickle relish panic sets in!
Don't forget her cookies, brownies, pies, custom cakes etc.

She is a sweet wonderful person and we'd love her even if she couldn't cook.

Her Aunt Mary and Uncle Bill.

Aloha said...

How sweet!
There we go folks...a unsolicited testimonial!
And yes, Mickie is one of those people you would hope to have in your family! Lucky Uncle Bill & Aunt Mary!

Cecilia said...

We bought jams from Mickie at the farmer's market in Hilo on our visit in March 08. The Coconut Pineapple Jam is incredible and i've already finished both jars! I"m ordering a dozen jars for family and friends. If you ever get to Hilo, go to the market and taste Mickie's creations - or order them now - you won't be sorry! Cecilia from Columbus, OH