Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm a Rock, I'm a Rock, I'm a Rock...

Can you see him? It's a little Kama'ana crab pretending to be a rock! He does a pretty good job of it to!

If you still cant see him...he is just to the left of the center, right at the tip of the large light grey can just see his pincers folded up in front of him.

I took this photo with my zoom in pretty bright light, I wasn't sure I even caught this guy until I got the camera home and put the photos up on the computer. He is a little smaller than a ladies palm.

This was taken at Punas' Warm ponds, a sheltered inlet where the natural volcanic thermal action warms the ocean water just enough to take the chill off, completely delightful!

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Wild Bamboo Orchid and Its Friend...

This lovely Bamboo Orchid is growing wild in a subdivision called Hawaiian acres in our Puna District. The climate in Hawaii is extremely suitable for Orchids and we have many varieties that choose to grow wild now, but this is probably the most prolific variety. I have seen whole fields of these blooming and it is just beautiful. They are called Bamboo Orchids because the stem resembles the bamboo stalk.

I hadn't realized until I got this photo on my computer but this orchid had a little friend...check out the very top petal on the left hand side and you can see him peering from behind the flower, here is a close up (sorry the quality of the close up is so yucky!).

Isn't he cute! I think it was one of the bees that were enjoying the sunshine & blooming flowers...

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lovely Pacific Building in Downtown Hilo Hawaii...

This lovely building is on Keawe Street in Downtown Hilo, it really caught my eye the other day. I just love all the little architectural touches on the old buildings and it is especially nice when the painter has picked them out in complimentary colors as with this one.

The wires you can just barely see at the bottom of the building secure a awning system that reaches over the sidewalk to provide shoppers a dry place to walk, this shot is of the 2nd floor...the first floor is given over to shops and a Lomi Lomi massage studio (the most incredible massage you will EVER have!).