Monday, July 9, 2007

Water Lilies...& Herons?

These pretty little water lilies can be found in King Kalakaua Park in downtown Hilo, they must spread pretty rapidly as the grounds keepers clean them out regularly and within a few months the pond is full is incredible to see the whole pond surface covered with these purple blooms...and if you look closely you can see Koi darting under the lily pads to hide!

What are they hiding from? Well, a friend of mine found out! She had quite a few Koi in a cute little pond right near her front morning she went to take the dogs for a walk and as they are going down the drive she notices a Heron sitting up in a tree, she really doesn't think much of it until she gets back home and notices a large pile of Bird poo on the garden seat next to her pond, when she went to hose it off she realizes that dirty bugger ATE her fish! 8 Koi he ate! She called that Heron everything but a bird! She has now created a special overhang for the remaining fish to hide under...they seem to be very nervous! ;}


~tanty~ said...

Beautiful flower!

TOG said...

I used to grow the water hyacinth, the regular and the dwarf. I had very few blooms because my cichlids (fish) ate the roots. I mulched them and now I am an abiding citizen. It is illegal to grow them in the southern states due the invasive potential to clog up our streams and rivers. The color of your flowers are darker then any that I have seen. Two years ago I lost all of my fish to a heron. I posted the bird on my blog, Thursday, April 5, 2007

Anonymous said...

I like the story a lot. It happens the way you described it.

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poody said...

My friend had the same thing happen to her and she now has a screen over the pond itself. Not very attractive but the fish remain undisturbed!

Aloha said...

Poor fish! We think we are protecting them and it turns out that we are just concentrating them for convenience of eating!