Saturday, July 7, 2007

Red Banana Keikis!

This is a Banana flower...& its RED (but the keikis are yellow) they are not like usual flowers...they are huge for one and the fruit is layered in the flower... you can see all the little keikis lined up like ducklings under their mothers wing...there will be another row just like that underneath most of the "petals", and there are so many varieties! Apple banana, Ice Cream banana, Lady Slipper, Williams (the most common variety), Cuban, Cavendish, Pitang, etc...all different and tasty! (Except the Pink Cubans which are just beautiful but are not good to eat.)

The banana plant is another one of those multi purpose plants, the huge leaves can be used for shelter from sun or shower, the dried "stem" burns very quick & hot, the fruit is very nutritious and tasty, and even the flower itself gets eaten (similar preparation as a vegetable).

Bananas have a incredible history and one of my favorite web sites is the Banana Museum.

Tomorrow will be my last day for the RED theme... I have really enjoyed it and mahalo to everyone for their patience while I worked this red fixation out of my system!


Anonymous said...

This is a pretty flower. Your close-up is very good.

My daughter, Melinda, has a picture she took on my blog. It is a stunning macro.
Brookville Daily Photo

lv2scpbk said...

I thought this is what that was. I was guessing banana before I popped in here from the portal. Wanted to see if I was right. I seen one once at a botanical garden and have a photo of it from several years ago.

Scott said...

I have enjoyed your red theme so far! Down the road from me, one of its distant relatives is also blooming! I walk my dog that way every few days to watch its development.

Lilly said...

What a pretty flower and an intersting post.