Friday, July 6, 2007

Ruby Red Ti...

This vibrant plant is a member of the Ti family (nothing at all like the drink), Ti is used in many ways in Hawaii;
We wrap offerings in it, we wrap presents in it, we shred the top 12 inches and use it as a fly wisk (similar to a horses tail in theory) at luaus or just in the yard, We wrap pork roast in it to make Kalua pig (yummy!), wrap coffee cans with it to create a beautiful utilitarian flower vase, tie my hair up when I am working in the yard and can't take time to find a elastic, use it instead of flowers in a vase, lay the leaves over a dirty lawn chair (like a towel), wrap sticky rice in them and then steam it, use as a plate at a picnic, so many different things...and of course we use them to make leis.

Properly prepared the Ti leaf can be woven or braided into almost anything...and it is a beautiful contrast when a lei is fashioned from a green Ti leaf and then a Ti rose is created from a variegated or colored Ti leaf and attached to the green Ti, it make a gorgeous lei.

It is considered lucky to plant Ti plants down the boundaries of your home and quite often you will see rows of Ti being planted before the house pad has even been poured! Now that's having your priorities in the right place!


Anonymous said...

Yet another pretty red leaf or flower. Nice photo.

Brookville Daily Photo

Jilly said...

How beautiful! And so was yesterday's.