Monday, August 13, 2007

Yahoo! It's Avocado Season!

I waited through the long winter without these buttery creamy tasty yummies, and then this spring I cheered on the bees buzzing in the blooms (pollinate you buggers, pollinate!), and all summer long I have been watching the little green bumps swell and promise to become the best crop ever! Now we are sooo close...maybe a few more weeks til AVOCADO TIME!

I just can't wait...i really love avocados...maybe as much as my girlfriends dog "Hoa"... He is a Avocado farmer...every season its a race to see who gets to the tree first (him or her), then he steals avocados and goes and buries them where she wont look until its to late, then "hey presto" he has another tree! He really loves them...maybe as much as me!

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