Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Roof Top Bougainvilleas In The Flossie Rain...

This is a quick glimpse of the roof top outside my office, Scott put these gorgeous Bougainvilleas in pretty pots on the roof top when we moved in a few months ago and we all sat back and waited for them to die... Turns out, they LOVE it! The Hotter the better! Look at them blooming and they are growing like mad as well, you can now easily see them from the street, where as when they were planted you couldn't hardly see them at all.

Hurricane Flossie is giving us plenty of rain and a little wind but that's pretty much it, the weather right now is definitely no worse than some we get during the rainy season, so it is looking like the Big Island is going to miss the Big Hit once again...Thank Goodness!

You may have heard about the 5.4 earthquake we got Monday night? That was just Pele rumbling and stretching a bit, the quake occurred near the Pu'u O'o vent of Kilauea volcano, it is still active and providing us with more land each day, thanks Madam Pele! Over all we had a few crooked pictures and some cracked drywall...not to bad. I would rather the "sleeping giant" lets off steam this way then swelling and swelling to someday go pyroclastic on us! Really, its all good...some cigarettes & rum and everyone is happy! (for the volcano goddess silly! But I'll take any extra rum...)


Anonymous said...

You all take care and try to stay dry. It looks like a big gal coming close to you.

Aloha said...

Mahalo! We are keeping our heads down just in case, but it looks like we will miss any damage.