Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What A Beautiful Day!

We have had so much rain in east Hawaii the last 2 months that we all started growing gills in self defense!
But the last few days have been gorgeous! Reminds us why we are "lucky to live Hawaii!".
This view is of the back side of the Hotel run on Banyan Drive...I am standing in the parking area of lovely Coconut Island to take this shot.
We saw schools of fish erupting out of the water (I have no idea what they were feeding on as I couldn't see anything), some colorful tropical fish, a knife fish & 3 Sea Turtles! (of course there is no picture of them as I left the camera in the car, dang it...) One was just huge, definitely a grandaddy (or mommy) of turtles, and I was able to watch it for 3-4 minutes as it leisurely swam away...
Great way to start the day!

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