Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sunrise at Queen Lilli Park...

I just happened to be a few minutes ahead of schedule this morning...and whenever that happens I like to take a quick drive around Queen Lilli park in Hilo. It is a ocean park but is very well protected from ocean waves & such...the ocean is just across a small road, maybe 20-30 feet from the main park and continues down one side of the park for approximately a half mile.

This gorgeous park is scattered with benches for sitting and contemplating, around every corner there is a "view", maybe a blooming tree, a neat statue or a memorial...and lots of different textures have been used.

The pervading sense is of peace...not to say the park is not well used! Sometimes I think 1/2 of Hilo is walking their dogs, jogging, or picnicking in the park. Even at 7:00 in the morning I had to wait to get this photo with no one in's lovely to see it so enjoyed, it is so refreshing to spend just a few minutes remembering why you work so hard, it revitalizes you for the rest of the day!

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