Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hawaii...Richardson Beach...

This view is from a shoreline in Hilo Town, very near a beach called Richardson's Beach. Robert Richardson was a chief detective for the Honolulu police department many years ago, he retired to his ocean front home in Hilo and the county purchased the property & residence when Robert passed away. The residence is called Richardson Ocean Center.

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Eight random facts about myself? Well, I do tend to be pretty random:

1. I used to have a heard of over 13 dairy goats, they had to be milked twice a day every day and yes I do have carpal tunnel now…but it sure was fun & I love Goats!
2. I don’t like ice cream…everyone gasps when I say that like I admitted to the shooting of President Kennedy or something…but I just don’t care for it (does not matter what flavor or style).
3. I would prefer to read than just about anything else.
4. I love scents…I wanted to become a “nose” for the perfume industry when I was younger but had to have my nose cauterized to control chronic nose bleeds, and that tends to make things a little undependable. There’s your “eeew” fact!
5. I am fascinated by other cultures and had planned on being a Anthropologist/Archaeologist until I saw how much money they Don’t make! But seeing how much money I Don’t make as a Realtor I am thinking now that maybe I should have looked at that a little more! Actually, I love being a Realtor, it’s a great job and I love being able to meet & help people find their new home!
6. I have been married to the same man for half of my life this anniversary! Now is that a scary data mark or what?!
7. I lived in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado (Deer, Elk, Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Skiers, etc...) and then I moved to Hawaii (Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Mongoose, Surfers...) almost 5 years ago.
8. I am a member of the Big Islands Freecycle program (it’s a Yahoo group) and I strongly encourage everyone I meet to join, go here for more information.

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TOG said...

Thanks for keeping it going.

Kate said...

The tree against the sky makes for a lovely photo.

Hyde DP said...

I was tagged already by MedaM - see

lorenzothellama said...

I feel extremely honoured to be tagged by you.
How did you find me?

lv2scpbk said...

I already did the tag at my personal blog here: I will post a link back to yours though. thanks.

pusa said...

hi thanks for tagging me, sorry for the late response been very busy. anyways i've done this meme before you can check it at