Thursday, May 24, 2007

Man Gets Eaten By Big Screen!

My new office is almost complete!!!

It is located in downtown Hilo and just last night the big screen for the conference room was installed (it looks like poor Scott was eaten by the screen! We warned him about playing to much video games!), Standing is John Petrella (the Principle Broker & Owner of Local Hawaii Real Estate), Larkin Hathaway is to the left offering her support (A agent & she is actually enjoying a good laugh at Scott and Johns expense), Galyn Williams (a agent and the person responsible for the gorgeous remodel on this office space) is just behind John and Scott (right out of the frame, oh well), and yours truly, Trevella Williams (Also a agent), is behind the camera where I prefer to be...

We are so very excited to be moving into our new office...I will post a photo when we are all moved in.

I just can't wait!

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