Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Hot Pink Goes Good With Everything!

I couldn't resist posting this photo...it was such a gorgeous morning that I had to catch a quick shot of one of my favorites Hibiscus, this Hot Pink double Hibiscus is very prolific and a fairly easy grower (gets pretty tall though), this one is growing in my front yard and it almost always has blooms.
The back ground splotches of color you can see are the native Hawaiian Ohia Lehua, lovely tall, straight trunked trees with brilliant red pompom type flowers that make beautiful long lasting leis...I'll post a photo of those some day soon...


Anonymous said...

I like your double. A nice photo of it. I have two that I bought -- one yellow and one orange. They are OK. Nothing lasts here throught the winter so we treat them like annuals.

~tanty~ said...

My first visit here and I like what I see. Beautiful flower.
Greetings from Stavanger :)

Merisi said...

From lavender blue to hibiscus. I cannot believe it, the same identical hibiscus is blooming right now near my window, albeit indoors! Small world or what?
Thank you for your nice comment on my "sidekick" blog.
Hope to see you soon again,
greetings from Vienna,