Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Outrigger Canoe Paddling On the Big Island of Hawaii!

Isn't it gorgeous, Koa Canoes are incredibly beautiful and horribly expensive, we just don't have Koa trees big enough anymore...We sure enjoy this one!

This picture is from Saturday May 16th, I recently joined Puna Canoe Club and this was not only my first race but the first race of the season! It was held in beautiful Kona Bay and the Dolphins & Honu (Sea Turtles) came to watch! And some seemed to want to race with us as they came right in close, actually the whole pod was between the finish line and the judges booth for quite awhile...sooo cool!

This picture is of part of the club putting the canoe into the protected inlet before taking it out to the open water of Kona Bay. No the whole club isn't wahines, we have plenty kane as well (could use more though, so if you like to paddle come down to Hilo Bay Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday at 3:00-3:30 and talk to a coach!).
This was the Novice beginner womens first race ever and we came in 6th out of 12, someone said that we were about 2 seconds behind the winner! Are we ever stoked! And Saturday the 23rd is our next race! So if anyone is interested come on down to the Kona Pier about 8:00 Saturday AM and watch the races, plenty good fun!


Anonymous said...

Nice photos. Beautiful skin color on the bottom picture. I guess that is the bonus for living there.

pedalpower said...

I love your blog...I just came home from spending a lovely 3 weeks on your island at a friends home. Your blog is helping with my island withdrawl.

Aloha said...

Thanks Abe! I think the lovely skin colors has to do with the varied nationalities ;) so many different countries combine in Hawaii, beautiful people are everywhere! And most can point to 3-5 different nationalities in their bloodline. Viva Le Differance!

I can relate Pedalpower, I was homesick for Hawaii before I moved or even visited!

bitingmidge said...

That's a glorious boat, it's a shame more aren't built using modern (wooden) techniques. I know I know, it's the cost.... sigh!

Sunshine Coast Daily Photo - Australia

Pat & Patti Watters said...

My wife, Patti (Hilo Patti) ;-) recently moved to Hilo to work at Hale Anuenue (care center). She told me she was watching friends paddle today (Puna Club) in the bay! I'm coming over soon and we would love to experience outrigger paddling, anyone doing tours, etc. these days in Hilo or on the Kona side? Thanks.

Aloha said...

I just met Patti! Her friend is Lizzy right? She was watching us race and we visited after Lizzy introduced us :)) love it when things work out that way... Nobody really does 6 man outrigger tours per say, but UHH does have community paddling and that a great way to get introduced to the sport :) Lizzy and I can hook you up.