Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Hawaii Kitty Cat!

This is my kitty...she is so soft! As far as we can tell, she is a Siamese mix...we picked her up at the Hilo Famers Market back on 2003 from a family giving away kittens on the sidewalk. Since she is a Hawaiian Kitty she doesn't mind the rain and often comes in the house completely soaked! Because she is Siamese she can be a little, well...umm, Crazy. The kids call her "sketch" because she jumps at things that aren't there and goes all twitchy for no obvious reason. I tell them she sees with cat eyes and hears with cat ears, and while those are things we can not see or hear that doesn't mean they aren't there. That usually freaks them out for about 10 minutes... she is also the most affectionate cat ever! Loves the laps. The other day the family was watching a movie and we were all in non lap conducive positions...she stood in front of the TV and cried until one of us provided a lap, she immediately took advantage and slept the next two hours in my sons lap...and she complained loudly every time he tried to move! Oh yeah... her name is C.A.T. say it out loud as you spell it... sounds like See A Tee ;))


Jacob said...

What a cutie! I didn't know cats in Hawaii liked the rain.

Aloha said...

Yes, they just don't seem to mind it nearly as much as my mainland cats did...one raindrop and they were off for shelter like a shot. Now I come home and the cats are sitting in the driveway ignoring the downpour! Until they can come in and wrap around my legs of course! Brr, yech!