Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bait under the bridge?

The other day I was out on Coconut Island with a friend (Larkin Hathaway) and we were trying to get some great pictures of Hilo Town from across the bay (Our new web site needs a great front page!), what we got instead was pictures of these cute little fish! I have no idea what they are but the local fishermen call them "bait", they were clustered under the bridge to the island in the shallower water to either end and they must have numbered in the millions! It looked & moved just like a bait ball you see in the deeper ocean but the fish were just tiny! The first shot is from looking over the bridge rail, the white is the glare of the edge of the bridge.

It was fascinating to watch this group of fish wheel & turn in concert, I could have watched them for hours and I really really wanted to get in the water, but work was calling so we had to head in. Next time I am going in board shorts and tucking my flippers in the car!
Credit for these photos goes to Larkin Hathaway!

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Kris said...

There must have been something tasty down there for them.