Monday, April 28, 2008

Beautiful Kehena Beach in East Hawaii...

I was out in Kalapana Seaview estates today taking photos of a land lot I just listed when my Broker suggested we stop by Kehena Beach...I had never been to Kehena Beach before (it is our, ahem..."clothing optional", beach in east Hawaii. Actually, almost any beach on the Big Island of Hawaii tends to be fairly "clothing optional"...) and Aunty Betty (my fellow agent) agreed we should we did!

What a gorgeous little hide away! A bit of a climb down to the beach but very much worth the hike...with in 5 seconds my shoes were off (just the shoes, I swear...) and my toes were in the water, nice. We took all of 30 minutes to hike down and back up, but it was a fantastic refresher in the middle of the day. I love my job! No, everyday is not like this, most are 7:00 AM to after 7:00 PM on computer and phones, etc... but days like this make up for it! And I am just thankful to have a job, period!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Merrie Monarch Island Princess on Horse back...

Aren't those Leis gorgeous! The orange one around her neck is actually 3 braided strands of the Ilima flower which is about as big around as a dime! So what you see here is thousands of those little flowers strung back to front.
The Lei makers art is just incredible! Hours and hours of effort for something beautiful but not durable, most leis will last for only 1-3 days! But they are so worth it while you have them...
Soon it will be May day and in Hawaii May day is Lei day and we have the lei competitions...I will post some photos of the incredible creations that get entered into the competition. Look into my Archives and you can see some from last year...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hawaiian Cowboys!

This Paniolo is a attendant to one of the island Princesses, great parade & look at that gorgeous lei!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Hilo Hawaii's Merrie Monarch Parade...

Merrie Monarch is over for another year... and the response waivers between relief that all of the chaos is over, TO regret that we have to wait another year to enjoy it again! On the very last day we get the PARADE! And as with all parades, the horses are the stars...and in Hawaii we have the Paniolos (Hawaii has had Paniolos since around 1793!), so here are some photos of "Cowboys" and Cowgirls ;)) Hawaiian Style!

The leis that the horses wear are matched by their riders leis and are beautiful beyond belief!

Over the next week or so I will be focusing on more horsey photos, as well as pics of the Hula competition at the Edith Kanakeole Stadium in downtown Hilo.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hawaii's Thurston Lava Tube...

My daughter & I went for a hike the other day in the Thurston Lava Tube, and this photo is of yours truly at the very end of the lava tube, I am sitting on what was originally the flowing lava that filled the "tube" before the flow "petered out" (anyone know where that term came from? It is very fun to say ;}) As you can see, the roof of the tube and the top of the flow meet...I laid on my tummy & could touch the back wall with my fingertips. It is very cool and moist but not wet in the tube and if you turn off your flashlights and just sit for a while you begin to see images in the dark as your eyes struggle to adjust to the total absence of light. And pretty soon you can hear your heart beat, & then the person your with's heart beat...pretty surreal & very cool.

And this is my daughter in the same place...notice our flashlights, most important thing to take on the hike!

This end of the tube is past the "public" area, most people stop at the gate thinking they are not allowed any further. Not true, the gate is not locked and you just need closed toed shoes and flashlights to hike the rest of the way in. There is one good sized gallery that I want to go back and explore further.

The public section is a fun quick hike for most visitors, though I feel that the electric lights and such rob it of some of it's charm...I do understand why it had to be done after watching the dichotomy of people visiting the tube lady even had a oxygen tank!

This hike is worth the trip, and it's especially fun to take the chain of craters road and look at all of the different pukas, Kiluea & Puueo gets all the press but over the years there has been a lot of action on this mountain and it is a good reminder to us all that this system is still alive & kickin.

Check out this link for a neat site I found when surfin around for more info on the Lava Tube Click here and then go to the "where the name came from" link. And this link has some nice photos...