Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Sour Hawaiian......Cucumber?

Don't they look like cucumbers? But they aren't, these are Bilimbi, a tropical fruit related to the star fruit.
We were offered some through Freecycle and went to a new friends house to pick them, what fun! And nowhere in all the articles I read did anyone truly explain how incredibly SOUR they are! Wow!!! I am not sure what to do with them? Good flavor but they could probably peel the paint off my car! I dipped them in salt (interesting flavor combo, kinda like salt & vinegar chips at the fair), I cooked them with sugar and they jelled up pretty good, but there was more sugar than Bilimbi at that point. I also tried to make a juice and that we were able to add to a cherry cool aide, it tasted similar to strawberry lemonade.
My friend has lots & lots, so if any one has a really good "recipe" please share...

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Jilly said...

They sure look more like a vegetable than a fruit. Pity they are so sour. Beautiful shot en masse.