Thursday, October 9, 2008

Hawaiian Ladybug!

This little gal (guy?) was cruisin around one of the lots my company has for sale in Hakalau (on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island), she just kept landing on all these perfect items as back drops...and I just kept taking photos! We don't have many ladybugs here, I think the predator bug competition may be to much for them, or they may fall prey to the skinks & geckos themselves...whatever the reason I really enjoyed this rare visit.


JM said...

Very cool pic!

Eki Akhwan said...

Hi Travella,
Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog the other day. I've just browsed trough your blog and was fascinated by the different photos and stories about Hilo, your city. I especially like the turtle, and the lava photo. Gorgeous. Will be coming back.

Nice to know you.

giddy up im a badhot witch said...

Have you seen the bright emerald blue ladybugs on the big island?