Monday, May 5, 2008

Where do Red Landscaping Cinders come from? Well, from Hawaii's red lava of course...

The other day I was in the Big Islands Kau District in a HUGE subdivision called Hawaii Ocean View Estates (HOVE for short) and we ran across this cinder pit. HOVE has a number of cinder pits operating with in it's borders, but this one is especially colorful! We were so struck by it that we had to pull over and get some photos.

You can see the "nibble" marks on the pit walls were the equipment has been pulling down more material, and check out all the different colors...I remember as a kid helping my mother do yard work and make colorful flower beds with red cinders, I was no stranger to red dirt (coming from Colorado) but this was a entirely different animal. Mom explained that it came from a volcano but she really didn't know much more than that then.

So now when you pick up a bag of Hawaiian cinders for your landscaping project, no matter what have a good chance of having seen one of the pits they may have come from!


Keahi Pelayo said...

Very interesting picture, hard to believe it is Hawaii. Thanks.

babooshka said...

That is an amazing place. Looks more like mars than earth.

Aloha said...

It does look more like Mars doesn't it? And this side of the island probably has about as much water! Just kidding...HOVE (Hawaiian Ocean View Estates) actually gets about 40 inches of rain a year, not bad compared to some places but nothing compared to most of Puna District which get between 140-160 inches per year or the Hamakua cost which can get over 200!