Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hawaiian Lava Monster...

The lava formations have always fascinated me, so this is a wonderful opportunity to catch nature in the act, so to speak. It's shape brings to mind so many diffrent things, kind of like cloud watching, what do you see?


Karlis Beinerts said...

I can picture a bulldog in the bottom left.
...and I am sober :)

Aloha said...

I wonder what we'll see after a few beers? ;)

Rafa said...

Looks amazing!!

There should be an angle that show jack-o-lantern

Is it safe to be that close??

Aloha said...

"Is it safe to be that close?", Probably not...though we did have permission. Kind of like those people who have their photos taken with the lions at the mall. You know that it's undependable...a wild thing and you have no control, but the risk is worth it. This is our "drive thru" volcano and the scientist are pretty much on top of it, until something unexpected happens like the side of a caldera exploding! Check out this article,
So, isn't safe & people shouldn't think it is. You judge on your personal scale wether it is a acceptable risk or not.
But it was fun & amazing! ;}