Thursday, July 23, 2009

Outrigger Canoe Club Quilt...

Aunty Maile helped make this quilt many years is very very cool! Every "Patch" is the design from one clubs Logo, and they where taken from each clubs cotton jerseys so the quilt is nice and soft. You can see my clubs patch, it is on the top row second from the left (the green one). It was hanging from the judges stand during our Moku O Hawaii regatta on July 18th, this regatta was the Aunty Maile Championship for which teams are the Big Island Champs. And I am very stoked because my crew won Gold in our race and helped the club bring in enough points to rank second in the regatta! Which meant we qualified for the State Championship race being held right here in Hilo Bay on August 1st! This is going to be sooo fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Awesome Car Show in Hilo Hawaii!

Isn't this just the smexiest car you have ever seen?

And if that doesn't make your heart beat faster, how about this one?

Or check out the snake skin interior of this one...

But this nod to the classics takes the cake!

This car show is held on the Bay front lawn in down town Hilo, right across from Hilo Bay. What a great day; tradewinds, blue sky, ocean waves, palm trees and gorgeous cars!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Orchid Lei Making in Hilo Hawaii...

Some of the Puna Canoe club wahines making orchid Leis for the 4th of July Regatta at Hilo Bay. These ladies had dozens and dozens of Orchid Leis strung soooo fast! We made the braided Ti leis the day before and I chose to do the Red Ti leaf which proceeded to ooze purpley red sap all over me, I looked like a bad scene out of "Carrie" or something.

What a fantastic day! Antique car show, Bar-b-que cook off, the outrigger canoe regatta and the awesome 4th of July festivities on top of the normal busy Saturday schedule. Followed by an awesome Puna Potluck! Lucky I live Hawaii!